The Hearts - ​Our Volunteer Teachers, Tutors and Education Specialist 

They have the heart to share their expertise to create more questions for the worksheets and time to assist as our virtual "Helpline" tutors to help the weaker students. Together, we can equip the students with additional educational tools to level up and excel in school, especially the financially disadvantaged families.

Our Partners

​​We make learning enjoyable

KiteSense revolutionizes education by empowering educators to shift from a one-size-fits-all approach to providing differentiated teaching and learning experiences.  KiteSense is dedicated to making the best learning systems to empower teachers, through data analytics, to be better educators.


Stronger and financially better off children can also benefit from our high-quality worksheets and self-paced practices and learning journey. AplusWorksheet provides additional tools for the child to practice on a mobile platform, from any where and at any time.

Established in Apr 2003, CaplinkConsulting Pte Ltd is always on the lookout to support social causes with an innovative initiative by leveraging on like-minded individuals and corporates. We love and want to help families and their children from financially weaker backgrounds. AplusWorksheet is one of our initiatives to help them to gain access to high-quality worksheets to level up their knowledge with more practices. 

When any financially disadvantaged subscribers (who may not have access to private/group tuitions and/or lesser-educated parents) need help, they will directly message AplusWorksheet. AplusWorksheet will preview and only forward relevant questions to the virtual "Helpline" tutors of respective pro bono Telegram Groups to help with the answers. AplusWorksheet will be responsible to forward the consensus answers to the subscribers accordingly.   

If you would like to help the community, we welcome you to join as pro bono virtual "Helpline" tutors for all or specific subject(s) and levels.  To join us, please click the below links to join our exclusive Helpline tutors' Telegram Groups:  ​

The Muscles - ​KiteSense Pte Ltd