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Affordable Promotion Plans (only available for Primary 5 and 6) are as follows:

​- S$16.90/- (Original price at S$120 per subject per academic year) for full academic year 2022for each subject (English or Mathematics or Science).​

​- S$39.90/- (Original price at S$360) for full academic year 2022 for all 3 subjects (English, Mathematics, and Science).

The academic terms are as follows;
* Term 1 - 4 Jan to 11 Mar 2022
* Term 2 - 21 Mar 27 May 2022
* Term 3 - 27 Jun to 2 Sep 2022
*Term 4 - 12 Sep to 28 Oct 2022

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​​​​​​What is in the plans

Upon subscription, Aplusworksheet will email a link for the child to sign-up to Kitesense platform and join their selection subject class(es) accordingly. Upon login, the child can expect to find the following in the students' portal:

* Topical Learning Journeys.

These learning journeys are designed to check for understanding and to identify the childs’ knowledge in a particular topic. Each learning journey will cover one (1) topic for the respective subject and are independent. The child can choose to do one at a time or attempt multiple learning journeys simultaneously. These learning journeys can be done on mobile, anytime and anywhere.

These learning journeys start with an initial diagnostic worksheet of 10 questions to better gauge your child's ability level for the topic. Based on the diagnosis, our system will personalize follow-on mini worksheets of 5 questions to engage and stretch the child. As your child progress through the engagement, our system will stretch your child with worksheets with a higher level of difficulties to challenge and stretch their learning. These learning journeys will end with a concluding test to gauge whether your child has improved over time.

Throughout the learning journey, the child can track his/her progress and mastery by reviewing the knowledge map. Your child can independently generate additional worksheets on their preferred topic(s) from our questions bank for more practices. 

The learning journeys will be repeated each academic term. Each learning journey will start with a diagnostic test, and the questions generated to engage and stretch the child will be adjusted to suit his/her new level of mastery for each topic. We believe that through these series of topical learning journeys, the child will be able to gain full mastery of each topic and be ready to excel in exams.

All questions are drawn from local assessment book publishers and past years top schools exams. These worksheets must be attempted online.  Our system will automatically grade your child's answers for these worksheets and analyze the child's accumulated performance.

* Supplementary PDF Topical Worksheets. 

These supplementary topical worksheets are created by MOE-qualified teachers for your child's additional practices. These worksheets are in pdf format for printing and your child to practice offline. Answers are provided on the last page of the worksheets. 

* Monthly Reports.

Monthly report will be emailed to the subscriber's email address to allow the parents to have an oversight on their child's learning needs and progress and to provide the necessary guidance to their child. 

KiteSense Insights™, an unique data-driven analytics can pinpoint individual child’s competencies and shows insights on personal learning needs and progress.  Features and benefits include:

  •  Student Analysis - Use of unique data-driven analysis to pinpoint each child’s strengths and weaknesses to allow them to tailor worksheets specific to their learning needs and progress.
  •  Continuous Learning - Ensures continuity in learning for the child's learning progress, strengths, and weaknesses documented accurately online.
  •  MOE's Syllabus - Data analytics aligns with MOE’s syllabus so the child can focus more on learning based on MOE's syllabus.
  •  Diagnostic Capabilities - By the child's level of mastery can be gauged by taking quick diagnostic tests with a range of topics and difficulty levels. 
  •  Semi-automated ability group splitting - Performance from diagnostic tests segments students into low, medium, and high ability groups, with the option of manual shifting between ability groups based on performance and/or upon request by the parents/child.​​

​KiteSense Worksheetsᵀᴹ enables differentiated, competency-based learning for children with mixed abilities. The child’s confidence can be boosted by motivating them with content that is at an appropriate level of challenge. The child can learn independently, at their own pace. Appropriately challenge child in their assignments to keep their motivation and close learning gaps quickly. Features and benefits include:

  • ​ Range of Question Bank - Access to a wide question bank, in addition to the AplusWorksheet existing resource, that can be used to generate and assign homework to the child.​​
  •  Tailored Worksheets - Worksheets can be tailored according to parameters such as academic level, topics, difficulty, and the number of questions.
  • Tracked Progress - Worksheet completion is tracked automatically and regular reports can be sent to the parents/child
  • Instant Generation - Optimised to ensure instant worksheets generation based on the learning needs and progress of each child.

Limited Promotion Price

​​We make learning enjoyable

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Limited Promotion Price


​​​​​Affordable Plans

Our plans are affordable and packed with features that will help your child to excel. We are offering worksheets (English, Mathematics, and Science) exclusively for Primary 5 and 6. Other levels will be introduced in the future.